Heart Attacked beanie in Black

Heart Attacked beanie in Black

$ 32.00


When I first had tattooed this graphic. I joked that I always wanted to wear my heart on my sleeve. Well now you kinda can. This tattoo symbolized the state of my soul in recent years. An illustration of some dark times that stripped me bare, left me with nothing but tears. It’s expression similar to the theatrical laughing and frowning masks...The bloody tears to represent the life energy I lost in my darkness and still continues to leak out of me. Now since that’s somewhat behind me, I wanted to celebrate it and wear it as a badge. Change what it meant to me to something more positive. To associate it with being my real self; unadulterated self. -LINH VO

-100% ACRYLIC 

-embroidery on front


-made in USA

-one size fits all.



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